RECUEIL DES EDICTS DU ROY… le vingtiesme Décembre mil six cens trente cinq.

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The edicts and declarations of King Louis XIII

Compilation of 42 edicts and declarations pronounced during the year 1635, preserved in its contemporary gilt vellum binding with the arms of King Louis XIII.

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Paris, Antoine Estienne, P. Mettayer & P. Rocolet, Imprimeurs du Roy, 1636.

Large 8vo [168 x 106 mm]. Limp ivory vellum, double frame of triple gilt fillet on the covers with gilt fleurs-de-lys on the corners, gilt stamped coat of arms on the center, flat spine decorated with gilt fillets, very small restoration on the corner of the back cover. Contemporary binding

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Important compilation of 42 edicts and Declarations pronounced by the King Louis XIII during the year 1635, and published under a common title in December by the King’s printers.

With a takeover by force, Louis XIII accedes to power on April 24th, 1617. The Cardinal de Richelieu joins the King’s Council in 1624. Louis XIII and Richelieu share then the same conception of the grandeur of France and of the necessary priorities in the political field. Richelieu’s political program comprises the reduction of the great landlords, the rationalization of the administrative system and the battle against the Hapsburg family abroad.

The Edicts of the compilation essentially deal with the administration of the kingdom: nominations, creation of offices, taxations, exemptions, creation of a presidial in Brioude, Declaration of the King against Deserters from his Arms, rise of wages… Each Edict and each declaration bear the Royal arms engraved at the top.

Very seducing copy, with a nice patina, bound at the time in gilt vellum with the Royal arms.

It comes from Gaspart Froment‘s collection with a handwritten ex-libris dated 1636 on the title. As Regent Doctor at the university of Valence, he published a text against the Jesuits entitled « Avertissement pour les universités de France contre les Jésuites » « Au Roy 1624 ».

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