La Caricature. Journal fondé et dirigé par Ch. Philipon.

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Complete first edition of the main political and literary Journal of the Romantic period.

«  La Caricature as a whole is one of the most interesting works of the 1830’s » writes Carteret.

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Paris, chez Aubert, au grand magasin de caricatures et nouveautés lithographiques, 1830-1835.

10 volumes 4to with titles, tables and 530 plates. Rahir indicates that there are titles and tables only for vol. 1 to 9. Some foxing and few browned ll. Red quarter-roan, spines ribbed and decorated with gilt and blindstamped patterns, lettering pieces in black calf. Label of the bookbinder Rue St-Honoré, n. 99, dans la cour, papetier-relieur. Contemporary binding signed Grenet.

333 x 253 mm.

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Complete first edition of the most important Journal of the Romantic period.

Morgand et Fatout 10885 ; Vicaire, Manuel de l’amateur, II, 46.

« La Caricature as a whole is one of the most interesting works of the 1830’s; it is a precious collection of caricatures about Louis-Philippe’s reign. V. Hugo, Balzac, Louis Desnoyers and Ch. Philipon were the main associates. On the artistic side, Daumier provided more than 100 plates ; Grandville 109, Henri Monnier 6, Raffet 14, Traviès 55, Philipon 10, etc. » writes Carteret.

The first issue was published on November 4th 1830, the last on August 27th 1835. The collection is composed of 251 issues, each composed of two leaves with printed text in two columns on yellow paper, except for number 30 and 55 who have 3 leaves; and one or several lithographs, in black or colored, printed on white vellum paper.

There are 530 plates, numbered from 1 to 524, bearing, next to the number of the lithography, the description: Plate or number. There are some irregularities in the numbering; and some plates aren’t numbered.

One issue was published every week and the issues of one semester formed one volume.

The collection is composed of 10 volumes; the first part consists of numbers 1 to 26, volume II: 27 to 52; volume III: 53 to 78, volume IV: 79 to 103; volume V: 104 to 129; volume VI: 130 to 156; volume VII: 157 to 181; volume VIII: 182 to 208; volume IX: 209 to 234; volume X: 235 to 251.

The publication of the Caricature stopped in August 1835, victim of a “law that restored the censure”.

Each volume gathers a semester of publication and contains here the front cover of the general cover and its table of contents (10th volume is without the cover).

A precious copy of one of the most precious illustrated literary works of the 19th century, complete with the titles and tables and preserved in its contemporary uniform bindings signed Grenet.

« These titles and tables are extremely rare » mentions Carteret page 113.

Provenance: stamp Timbre royal, Seine in black ink.

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La Caricature.