A feminist work in the spotlight

Many thanks to Mr Bertrand Galimard Flavigny, journalist, bibliophile and columnist for the Gazette Drouot, for his article on our Histoire littéraire des femmes françoises (Paris, Lacombe, 1769) by Joseph de La Porte.





Mr Galimard Flavigny re-examines this major work of proto-feminist published during the Age of Enlightenment, presented by our bookshop at the Salon International du Livre Rare, shedding light on the context in which it was written and the tensions between the author and his contemporaries, which led La Porte to compose these five volumes, finely bound for our copy in red morocco with the coat of arms of the Tsar of Russia, Paul I.

Read the article on the Acte-Juridique.fr website or via the URL: https://www.actu-juridique.fr/culture/toutes-les-femmes-rien-que-des-femmes/