DRALSE DE GRANDPIERRE Relation de divers voyages dans l’Afrique, l’Amérique, & aux Indes Occidentales. Avec la Description du Royaume de Juda, & quelques particularitez touchant la vie du Roy regnant. La Relation d’une Isle nouvellement habitée dans le Détroit de Malaca en Asie, avec l’Histoire de deux Princes de Golconde.


The rare travel relation by Dralsé de Granpierre in Africa, in America and in the Western Indies
The rare travel relation by Dralsé de Granpierre in Africa, in America and in the Western Indies, bound at the time with the arms of the duke of La Rochefoucauld.

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n.p., 1726.

12mo [161 x 94 mm] of (3) ll., 352 pp. Engraved title vignette. Bound in full contemporary granite-like brown calf, gilt-stamped coat of arms on the center of the covers, spine ribbed and decorated with gilt fleurons, mottled edges. Contemporary binding.

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Rare second enlarged edition of this travel relation made by Dralsé de Grandpierre through the world between 1700 and 1718. Brunet, Supp., 19996 and Sabin 20885, Leclerc 266 and Palau 260452 (for the first edition).

Marine officer, Dralsé de Grandpierre made several travels in America, in Africa and in Asia.

“In a first Travel, Dralsé visited Buenos Aires in Paraguay. He described pretty accurately this town, and enlarged on the fertility of its territory, the richness of its trade, the character of its people, and mostly the character of the women. In a second Travel, as he was made prisoner by the English, it allowed him to discover several lands on the Guinean coast. Once released, he went to Martinique, where he took part in a freebooters’ expedition. His third Travel dealt with the visit of several lands of Western Africa, such as the kingdom of Judah, Benin, on which he gave a few quite curious details, about the religion and the customs of this country. He left for Mexico. The description he made about its capital is quick but informative. In these different relations, Dralsé gave various anecdotes, all interesting.” (Boucher de La Richarderie, I, 273).

Later he travels through the Strait of Malacca and finds there a new island he describes in his tale.

“These Relations always contains something new, or singular, compared to the descriptions of the Places and to the travel adventures”. (n°14)

A beautiful copy of this rare work, which one can’t get hold of in emblazoned contemporaine binding. It comes from the collection of the duke of La Rochefoucauld, and has been contemporary bound with his arms.

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