GOYA Y LUCIENTES, Francisco Los Proverbios. Colleccion de diez y ocho laminas invetadas y grabadas al agua fuerte.

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The complete suite of “Los Proverbios” by Goya

Los Proverbios by Goya.

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Publicala la Real Academia de Nobles Artes de San Fernando, Madrid, 1891.

Folio album [315 mm x 490 mm] made of one title and the complete suite of 18 etchings published under the titleLos Proverbiosbut which scheduled title wasDisparates” (Extravagances). Brown contemporary wrappers.

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Third edition, first issue printed in only about ten copies. Harris, 248-265; Delteil 202-219.

Other editions were printed, in 1864, in 1875, in 1902, in 1904… A Spanish industrial, initially owner of the copper plates, had given another edition in 1850. It is nowadays nowhere to be found.

This edition is well printed on suitable paper” (Harris). Only 100 copies of this third edition, irrespective of issue (A and B), were printed.

The meaning of the word ‘disparate’ is perhaps closer to the French word ‘sottise’ which Delteil uses, than the English ‘non-sense’ of ‘absurdity’. The Spanish ‘disparate’ evokes a feeling of pity for the absurdity or non sense rather than disapproval or blame, and is best translated into English as ‘folly’”. T. Harris.

In the first third of the 19th century, Spain is dominated by the greatest artist of modern times whose high value goes beyond all borders: Goya y Lucientes.” Loÿs Delteil.

Uncut copy of Goya’s last great work. It was engraved by the artist after La Tauromaquía, in the 1818-1820’s, a period during which Goya went right back to the Spanish popular life he always loved.

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