STRADANUS, Jan Van der Straet. Equile seu speculum equorum, In quo omnis generis generosissimorum equorum ex variis orbis partibus insignis delectus.


Superb 16th century equestrian collection illustrated with 40 copper engravings by Stradan.
Copy printed on very large paper preserved in its attractive contemporary blind-stamped vellum binding.

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N.p.n.d. [Antwerp, I. Galle, circa 1580].

Folio [340 x 223 mm] of 41 numbered engravings, small tear in the upper part of plate 12, small marginal tears on plates 27 and 28 not touching the engraving, few stains in the margins of plates 30, 34 and 41. Vellum, blind-stamped fillets around the covers, small fleurons in the corners and large blind-stamped fleuron in diamond-shape in the center, flat spine, speckled edges. Contemporary binding.

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Second edition, the only one of which few copies were printed on very large paper, of one of the most beautiful works of equestrian engravings from the 16th century.

Brunet, V, 558 ; Nissen DZI, 4009 ; Mennecier de la lance, II, 437 ; Cicognara, n° 4623. Not listed in Adams.

It differs from the first edition in the title heading, the engravings numbering and in the existence of few copies printed on very large paper.

This superb collection dedicated to horses is illustrated with an engraved title with a dedication to Alphonse Felix d’Avalos, Marquis of del Vasto and with 40 delicate and beautiful copper engravings (265 x 210 mm) by Adrien collaert, Jerome Wierix and Henri Goltzius after the drawings by Jean Stradan.

Jan Van der Straet or Stradanus, student of Max Franck and of P. Oertsen, was a master in Antwerp in 1545 and worked in Lyons at Cornelius of Haye’s. He went to Venice and Florence during his journey in Italia where he worked for the Grand Duke”. Benezit, IX, 857.

Precious fresh and very wide-margined copy, one of the few printed on large paper mentioned by Brunet, preserved in its attractive contemporary blind-stamped vellum binding.

Provenance : ex-libris Frederick Helman and « C » on the inside cover.

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STRADANUS, Jan Van der Straet.