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"The France in miniature"
Precious finely decorated box containing 6 miniature books illustrated in colours describing the French regions. Paris, 1839.

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A box containing 6 miniature books. Each volume has 31 pp. and 2 lithographs in colours. The box is composed of a finely decorated and gilt lid bearing an engraved coloured vignette in the center representing a regional costume. Each volume is bound in white cased boards decorated on the front cover with gilt ornaments and a vignette in colours in the center depicting a woman in traditional costume. Original box.

Dimensions of the box: 194 x 139 mm.
Dimensions of the volumes: 118 x 77 mm.

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Superb box containing 6 miniature books dedicated to the several French regions and to their traditional costumes.

The 6 volumes describe Normandy, Béarn, Auvergne, Gascony, Brittany and Alsace.

Each volume is illustrated with 3 lithographs watercoloured at the time depicting the traditional costumes of the regions described, one on the front cover of the volume, the other 2 inside the volume.

A rare example of a precious box complete with its 6 miniature books, in very good condition.

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PINDER, Ulrich