21/02/2023 In the press!
20/02/2023 PRESSE – Fine Arts Paris & La Biennale
18/02/2023 An overview of our TEFAF 2022 in Maastricht!
19/11/2022 Our participation to Fine Arts Paris & Biennale 2022
10/10/2020 The Bookshop Camille Sourget participates in the first edition of TEFAF ONLINE!
5/10/2020 A back-to-work period full of music at Camille Sourget Bookshop!
2/10/2019 Camille Sourget at the Biennale Paris
28/03/2019 Camille Sourget at TEFAF Maastricht
15/01/2019 Launch of INCIPIT, our monthly Gazette!
29/11/2018 From West to East: the Bookshop Camille Sourget goes back to China in Print
18/09/2018 A magical artfair under the glass dome of the Grand Palais for the Bookshop Camille Sourget