Album Amicorum

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40 watercolors engravings on various subjects

Charming  album amicorum composed around 1840 with 40 watercolored engravings on various subjects.

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N.p., n.d., probably Paris, engravings from 1760-1835.

Oblong folio [350 x 240 mm] of 1 frontispiece and 40 ll. Each leaf comprises an engraving pasted on.  Bound in full burgundy shagreen, spine ribbed, two finely wrought metal clasps, gilt edges. Binding from the middle of the XIXth century.

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Superb album amicorum comprising 40 prints on various subjects: professions, children’s games, illustrations for Paul et Virginie and Robinson Crusoe, chinoiseries, scenes from the Bible.

This album comprises 40 engravings by different artists that represent various subjects, among which: -1 frontispiece finely enhanced with gold, -6 engravings signed by Daumont: Dieu créa les animaux, Dieu forma la femme, Dieu forma l’homme, La Femme prit du Fruit de l’Arbre de la Vie, Dieu chassa Adam et Eve, Dieu fit sortir Adam du Jardin délicieux,Le Grand Balet de l’Opéra, anonymous, –Le Printemps (= The Spring), anonymous, -A plate representing 6 professions by J.-B. Jean, around 1797, –Les Maris comères, Paris, Basset, around 1805, –Le Jeu du Sabot and le Jeu de la Fossette, anonymous, –Le Jeu du Cheval fondu and le Jeu de l’Oie, Paris, Genty, around 1818-1831, -4 engravings for Paul et Virginie drawn by Lambert and engraved by Legrand, Paris, Genty, -the Story of Robinson Crusoe in 1 plate divided into 8 vignettes, Paris, Basset, -the Petits Métiers parisiens ( = the small Parisian professions) in 1 plate divided into 8 vignettes, Paris, Basset, -the Personnages du Carnaval (= the characters of the carnival) in 1 plate divided into 8 vignettes, Paris, Basset, -the Petits Métiers et Artistes (= the small professions and artists) in 1 plate divided into 8 vignettes, in Paris, at Basset, –Les Contes de Perrault (= Perrault’s tales) in 1 plate divided into 6 vignettes, anonymous, –Les quatre parties du jour (= the four parts of the day) in 4 vignettes, anonymous, -4 vignettes for Paul et Virginie, anonymous, -The Spectacle de la Rue (= the street scenes) in 6 vignettes, Paris, Basset, –Les Premiers pas de l’enfance (= the first steps of the childhood), Paris, Boulard, around 1810, –La Satisfaction maternelle (= mother’s satisfaction), Paris, Boulard, around 1810, –Les Soins maternels (= mother’s care), Paris, Boulard, around 1810, -9 plates of chinoiseries from the middle of the XVIIIth century (« A Paris, chez Crepy, rue Saint-Jacques », « A Paris chez Jacques Chereau »…) –La Femme mise à la raison par son mary.

The 40 engravings gathered in this album have all been finely watercolored at the time.

A moving collection of engravings in bright contemporary coloring, made by a print lover in the beginning of the XIXth century.

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