SORBIERE, Samuel de. Relation d’un voyage en Angleterr où sont touchées plusieurs choses qui regardent l’estat des sciences & de la religion & autres matières curieuses.


Dedication copy to King Louis XIV of a travel relation through England
The relation of a travel through England that cost its author to be exiled. Dedication copy to King Louis XIV in contemporary morocco with the arms and crowned cypher of the Monarch. Amsterdam, 1666.

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SORBIERE, Samuel de. RELATION D’UN VOYAGE EN ANGLETERRE où sont touchées plusieurs choses qui regardent l’estat des sciences & de la religion & autres matières curieuses. Cologne, Pierre Michel, (Amsterdam), 1666.

12mo [142 x 80 mm] of 4 preliminary leaves, 180 numbered pages and 3 pages for the table. Red morocco, triple gilt fillet on the covers, gilt-stamped coat of arms on the center of the covers, spine ribbed and decorated with the royal cypher between the raised bands, inner gilt border with fleur-de-lis, sprinkled edges. Contemporary binding.

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Very lively relation of a travel through England, Amsterdam and Maastricht dedicated to King Louis XIV by Samuel Sorbière (1615-1670), Samuel Petit’s nephew.

The publication of this work caused complaints from Denmark’s court offended by several passages of the work and a letter of cachet exiled for some time Sorbière to Nantes. Brunet, V, 455.

Nephew of Samuel Petit, Samuel Sorbière was born in 1615 in the diocese of Uzes and was raised by him. He was a Protestant destined to pastoral ministry; he gave up theological studies to go to Paris and study medicine in 1639. He practiced several years in Holland before returning to France and convert to the Catholic religion. He went to Rome, was received by Pope Alexander VII who didn’t grant him the pension he hoped. Back in Paris he began his travel through England, then ran a second time to Rome to solicit Pope Clement IX again. His mind and his uncle’s recommendations allowed him to maintain regular relations with many scientists and prominent people at the time and to publish compilations and brochures about philosophy, morals, criticism, physics and various controversies.

Written in a lively tone, his journey in England is marked with incisive style and satirical traits specific to its author.

Sorbière describes there with humor his journey, places he crossed, the English towns, scholar academies and gives his point of view about English politics, sciences, religion and literature.

This travel relation was printed for the first time in Paris, at Billaine, in 1664 without the name of the author on the title. The elzevir presses published then two editions at the same date in 1666 including this one dedicated by Sorbière to Louis XIV.

Dedication copy of this juicy travel relation that cost his author to be exiled, preserved in a superb red morocco binding with the arms and cipher of King Louis XIV.

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SORBIERE, Samuel de.