BEAUMARCHAIS, Pierre-Augustin Caron de La Folle Journée, ou le Mariage de Figaro, Comédie en cinq actes, en prose. Représentée pour la première fois, par les Comédiens français ordinaires du Roi, le mardi 27 avril 1784.


"The finest edition among old ones" of the Mariage de Figaro
The Kehl’s edition of the Mariage de Figaro. An exceptional copy enriched with the series of figures engraved for the first edition.

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Paris, Ruault, 1785.

Large 8vo [250 x 160 mm], of LI pp., (1) p., 199 pp., (1) p. for 2 approvals, (1) l. for the errata. Bound in blue morocco, border fillets in the style of Duseuil on covers, gilt fleurons at the corners, spine ribbed richly decorated with gilt fleurons and dotted fillets, inner gilt border, and gilt edges. Binding signed Perreau.

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Second original edition of Le Mariage de Figaro, known as Kehl’s edition, the finest among old editions.

This edition was printed in Kehl by Beaumarchais, with the types he used for Voltaire’s works. Tchemerzine, I, p. 492 ; Cohen 124-126 ; Le Petit pp. 568-570.

It contains the same approval (Janurary 25th 1785) and the same printing licence ( January 31st, 1785) as the first edition.

« The first edition was published without figures. Immediately after, five plates drawn by St Quentin were added, of which the first four were engraved by Malapeau and the fifth by Roi. As a result, we can find some copies with the figures, and others without […]. The edition printed in Khel with the types used for Voltaire’s works contains the same five figures drawn by St Quentin for the first edition, but taller, more beautiful and engraved by Liénard (1st, 3rd and 5th act), (2nd act) by Halbou, (4th act) by Lingée. » Tchemerzine

This copy has been exceptionally enriched with the series of engravings originally produced for the first edition.

This copy is not only illustrated with the 5 engravings made by Liénard, Halbou and Lingée for this edition, but also with the series known as Malapeau’s, engraved for the first edition.

This volume was also enriched with the author’s portrait drawn by Cochin and engraved by St Aubin.

A precious wide-margined copy, exceptionally enriched with the series of figures engraved for the first edition and with a portrait of the author.

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BEAUMARCHAIS, Pierre-Augustin Caron de