CHARLEVOIX, Père de Histoire du Japon ; où l’on trouvera tout ce qu’on a pu apprendre de la nature & des productions du Pays, du caractère & des Coutumes des Habitants ; du Gouvernement & du Commerce, des Révolutions arrivées dans l’Empire & dans la Religion ; & l’examen de tous les Auteurs, qui ont écrit sur le même sujet. Nouvelle Edition. Enrichie de Figures en taille-douce.


The History of Japan printed in 1754 illustrated with many engravings.

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Paris, Nyon fils, 1754.

Six 12mo volumes  [165 x 7 mm] of: I/ (2) ll., xxiv pp., 1 folding map, 417 pp., (1) p., 19 folding plates out of pagination; II/ (2) ll., lxxxv pp., (1) l., 429 pp., (1) p., 2 folding plates out of pagination; III/ (2) ll., 558 pp., (1) p. of errata, 3 folding plates out of pagination; IV/ (2) ll., 534 pp., (1) p. of errata, 1 folding plate out of pagination; V/ (2) ll., 479 pp., (1) p. of errata, 1 folding plate out of pagination; VI/ (2) ll. , 386 pp., (3) ll., 29 plates out of pagination, including 1 folding. Small tear without loss in the map of part I. Brown calf, spine ribbed and decorated with gilt fleurons, red and green morocco lettering pieces, mottled edges. Small wormhole at the back of part I. Contemporary binding.

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Sought-after edition “containing some enlargments and sorted in a better order than the first one” (Brunet, I, 1806). Bulletin Morgand et Fatout, n°10199; Bibliothèque Rahir, p. 365; Cordier, Bibliotheca Japonica, 424; Chadenat n°5784.

Last edition published when the author was alive, revised, corrected, enlarged and illustrated with many engravings related to Japan.

Pierre-François Xavier de Charlevoix (1689-1761) embarked in La Rochelle, in July 1720, for the missions in Canada. Arrived in Quebec, towards the end of September, he sailed up the Saint Laurent River, went on an excursion in the Illinois country, and went down the Mississippi until its mouth, to go from there to Saint-Domingue; but his ship was wrecked at the entrance of the Bahama channel. However, happier in a second trip, he arrived in Saint-Domingue in 1722, and came back to France in the month of December of the same year. Chosen to work on the “Journal de Trévoux”, he filled this work, during twenty-two years, with excellent extracts.

His history of Japan was a considerable success and was many times reprinted until the 19th century.

The abundant illustration comprises 1 folding map and 55 plates out of pagination of botany, instruments, plans, etc.

Precious copy preserved in its elegant contemporary bindings.

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