MARCASSUS, Pierre de La Clorymène

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Extremely rare first edition of this novel by Pierre de Marcassus
Rare first edition of this novel printed in Paris in 1626. Attractive copy preserved in its contemporary blank vellum binding.

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Paris, Jacques Quesnel, 1626. Avec Privilège du Roy.

Large 8vo [179 x 115 mm] of (14) ll., 909 pp. Slightly browned paper. Plain limp vellum, flat spine. Contemporary binding.

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Extremely rare first edition of this novel by Pierre de Marcassus. Catalogue des livres de M. le Duc de La Vallière, n°8929.

The work is dedicated to the cardinal of Richelieu.

“Pierre de Marcassus (Gimont 1584-Paris 1664), professor in Paris, author of translations, dramatical pastorals and novels, made a poem about the love life of Des Barreaux and of Marion de Lorme (‘Muses illustres’, 1658). He combined, in his life as in his work, the care for the most present literary trend with the respect of a Neoplatonism, of an esthetical idealism and of a conception of the poet inspired from the ideals of the 16th century. In short, he was the out-of-date contemporary of the prominent Parisian salons and groups in the first half of the 17th century.” (Dictionnaire des Lettres françaises, p. 810).

“Pierre de Marcassus, 17th century author, born in Gascogne in 1584, came early in Paris where he already ruled over ninth grade in the high school of Boncourt in 1617. He then became private tutor of François de Vignerot, marquis of Pont-de-Courlay in Poitou, the cardinal of Richelieu’s nephew, & brother of madam the duchess d’Aiguillon. He was then given a chair in eloquence at the college of la Marche, in which he remained for a long time. He died still holding this position in Paris in December 1664. He was at least 84 years old. This author was an historian, a poet & a translator… Marcassus is one of Ronsard’s critics, & he chose the ‘Franciade’ to do so. He published three novels: ‘la Clorimène’, 1626, ‘le Timandre’ and ‘l’Amadis de Gaule’ in 1629. He was friend with the abbot of Marolles. He also knew Moliere, quite young then; & his son, also named Pierre de Marcassus, was himself particularly linked to this famous comic”.

An attractive wide-margined copy, preserved in its original contemporary limp vellum binding.

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MARCASSUS, Pierre de