NICOLAY, Nicolas. Plusieurs descriptions des accoutremens tant des magistrats et officiers de la Porte de l’Empereur des Turcs que des peuples assujettis à son Empire. Avec les figures représentant le tout au naturel, tirées des Medailles antiques & descriptions de eux qui ont frequenté parmy ces nations, ou des bons Autheurs qui en ont écrit.


The Oriental costumes of Nicolay bound in red morocco for Henrietta Anne of England
The Oriental costumes of Nicolay bound in red morocco for Henrietta Anne of England, King Charles I of England’s daughter and Philippe d’Orléans, brother of Louis XIV‘s wife.

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N.p.n.d. [Paris, Abel Langelier, v. 1620].

– [Bound with]: Tableaux prophétiques des empereurs Sévère et Léon…

Folio [348 x 230 mm] of 64 ll. including 62 full-page plates, (1) l. of title, pp. 65 to 114 illustrated with 17 full-page engravings, (4). Small tear in the white margin of l. 6 without affecting the text. Full red morocco, gilt fillets on the covers, large gilt arms stamped in the center, spine ribbed decorated with a pattern of fleur de lis, gilt edges. Binding from the second half of the 17th century.

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First edition of this collection of Oriental costumes of the utmost rarity.
Colas n°2207; Vinet n°2332.

This very rare collection probably reproduces the figures of Oriental costumes, executed by Louis Danet, after the accurate drawings of Nicolay, for the first edition of the work of this famous traveler, work entitled: ‘Les Quatre premiers livres de navigations et de pérégrinations orientales’, Lyon, 1567, small folio, with 60 plates, and that had many editions as much in French than in foregn languages, with copies of the original engravings.” (Vinet).

62 portraits after Titien and 15 plates entitled ‘Tableaux prophétiques’” (Graesse, Trésor de livres rares, 284)

The superb illustration is composed of a full-page plate showing the Turkish emperor on his throne, of 61 full-lenght portraits of characters in Oriental costumes engraved on wood after the copper engravings illustrating the ‘Livres de navigations’ by Nicolay (1567) and of 17 full-page engravings for the Tableaux prophétiques.

Nicolay represented: Pellerins Mores revenant de la Mecque, Gentilhomme Persien, Gentilhomme Grec, Marchant Juif, Grande Dame Turque, Turque allant au Bain, Fille de Joye Turque, Femme de Macédoine, Religieux Turc, Médecin Juif, Cuisinier Turc, Lutteurs…

Precious copy bound in red morocco with the arms of Henrietta Anne of England (1644-1670), Charles I of England and Queen Henriette-Marie de France’s daughter.

Henriette-Anne d’Angleterre was raised in France in exile. After the restoration of monarchy in England, she married in Paris on March 31st, 1661, Philippe d’Orléans, Louis XIV’s brother, to whom she gave a son and three daughters. She stood out at the court where she brought the gaiety and the grace of her kind character.” (Olivier, Pl. 2563).

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NICOLAY, Nicolas.