MARMOL. L’Afrique de Marmol de la traduction de Nicolas Perrot d’Ablancourt. Divisée en trois volumes, et enrichie de Cartes Geographiques de M. Sanson, Geographe ordinaire du Roy. Avec l’Histoire des Chérifs traduite de l’Espgnol de Diego Torrés, par le Duc d’Angouleme le Père.

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Marmol’s Afrique illustrated with 28 superb maps by Nicolas Sanson.

Precious copy preserved in its uniform bindings in old vellum.

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Paris, Louis Billaine, 1667.

3 volumes illustrated with 28 maps out of pagination.
Vellum, flat spines, brown morocco lettering pieces. Old binding.

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First edition of the French translation by Nicolas Perrot, sieur d’Ablancourt, made from the original in Spanish by Luis Marmol Carvajal (1520-1600).

Brunet, III, 1440.

During the expedition of Charles Quint against the Moors, Marmol was captured and imprisoned during almost 8 years. He published his Descripción general de Africa in two parts in Granada in 1573 and 1599.

Luis de Marmol Carvajal, born in Granada, took part in the campaign of Tunis under Charles Quint. He spent more than 22 years in North Africa of which 7 or 8 being captive in Morocco, in Fez and Tunis.

He took advantage of his years of captivity to learn Arabic. In his work, he makes an historical report of the numerous wars between Christians and Unbelievers, as well as between Muslims themselves since Mahomet time until 1571.

His writing is focused on Spanish commercial interests in Africa, and he provides a valuable source on the consumer goods valued in Europe in his day”.

The beautiful maps that illustrate this book were executed by Nicolas SAnson, one of the greatest cartographers of the 17th century.

L’Histoire des Chérifs by Diego de Torres is found at the end of the third volume with a separate title-page.

Fine copy preserved in its uniform bindings in old vellum.

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