SOUVENIR DU SACRE-COEUR (= Memory of the Sacred Heart Elementary School).


A school booklet handwritten by a pupil from the school of the Sacred heart

Rare school booklet beautifully handwritten by a pupil from Sacred Heart Elementary School the in 1872, illustrated with many coloured drawings and maps.

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SOUVENIR DU SACRE-COEUR. 1872. (= Memory of the Sacred Heart Elementary School. 1872).

Booklet folio oblong [254 x 333 mm] of 1 title-page and (128) handwritten pp. Bound in contemporary red half-shagreen, covers in red cardboard decorated with fleurs-de-lys at the corners, mention « Souvenir du Sacré-Cœur – 1872 » stamped in the centre of the front cover, gilt edges. Some light stains and slight rubbing. Contemporary binding.

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Rare school booklet handwritten with great care by a pupil from the school of the Sacred heart, gathering here all the knowledge acquired during the academic year 1872 in all the taught fields.

The 128 handwritten pages are very representative of the elegant round handwriting to which the Institution of the Sacred Heart attached its name.

The booklet is composed of a beautiful handwritten title bearing the inscription « Album Historique, Classe Supérieure, Jeanne [ ?], 1872 » surmounted by the motto « Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam », of 35 leaves dedicated to the history of France and of the countries of Europe, and then about ten leaves in which the pupil reviews all the discoveries and the inventions made in the course of the centuries in every field. The booklet continues with a few leaves dedicated to Greece and mythology, and by all the knowledge acquired in various fields such as mineralogy, geology, botanic and zoology, architecture and astronomy.

This school work is punctuated with many coloured drawings and maps illustrating the various chapters.

A rare and interesting document, in a good state of preservation, which informs us about school methods and the level of knowledge of a pupil from that school at the end of the 19th century.

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