FOY DE LA NEUVILLE Relation curieuse, et nouvelle de Moscovie. Contenant, l’état présent de cet Empire. Les expéditions des Moscovites en Crimée, en 1689. Les causes des dernières Révolutions. Leurs Mœurs, & leur Religion. Le Récit d’un Voyage de Spatarus, par terre à la Chine.

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The mission of Foy de La Neuville to Russia in 1689

The diplomatic mission of Foy de La Neuville to Russia in 1689. A superb copy bound in contemporary red morocco.

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Paris, Pierre Aubouyn & Charles Clouzier, 1698.

12mo [162 x 86 mm], (8) ff., 225 pp. misnumbered 231, (3) pp. Bound in contemporary red full morocco, spine ribbed and richly decorated, inner gilt border, gilt edges.

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First edition of this very interesting description of the Russian Empire and its inhabitants at the end of the 17th century. Brunet, supp. I, 774 ; Barbier, IV, 201 ; Cordier, Bibliotheca Sinica, 2465 ; Quérard, La France littéraire, 188.

La Neuville was not a French agent. He was in the King of Poland’s service and conducted several missions for him. When he went to Russia in 1689, he acted both in French and Polish interests.

The author of this book was sent by the King of Poland to Tsar Peter I of Russia.

This curious work helped the Frenchmen to know russia better. The author describes the Russian Empire; he relates the expeditions to the Crimea from 1687 to 1689, he explains the causes of the latest revolutions in Russia, he makes some remarks on the customs and religion of the people, on their trade of furs, on their production of caviar, …

A superb copy of this relation of a travel to Russia, contemporary bound in full red morocco.

No copy of this book has appeared at auction since 1975.

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