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"Madame Bovary" by Flaubert

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The rare first edition of Madame Bovary without any foxing and preserved in its contemporary binding.

FLAUBERT, Gustave. Madame Bovary- Mœurs de province- Paris, Michel Lévy frères, 1857.

2 parts in 1 volume 12mo [175 x 111 mm] of (1) l., pp. 1 to 232, (2) ll., pp. 233 to 490. Bound like sometimes at the time without the dedication leaf. Contemporary green half-shagreen, flat spine decorated with gilt fillets, mottled edges.

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First edition of Flaubert’s masterpiece, “more and more thought-after”. (Clouzot, p. 121). Carteret, I, 263-266 ; Vicaire, III, 721-723.

« As a start, it was a masterstroke: Madame Bovary is and will always remain a masterpiece of French literature ». (Carteret).

A whiff of scandal surrounds this publication but the success is immediate and brilliant and the esteem of Saint-Beuve, Baudelaire and Zola immediately acquired. « When Madame Bovary was published, there was an absolute literary revolution ». Zola.

This great intimist and realistic novel was about to deeply mark the literary world and to lead the novel towards new ways.

« In a contemporary binding, look for a good quality half-binding, which is not easy. The half-title and the title of part II are often missing ». (Clouzot).

A beautiful and pure copy, complete with the title and half-title of the second part that are often missing, without any foxing and preserved in its elegant contemporary binding.

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