Bilder zum Auschanungs Unterricht. Bilder zum Auschanungs Unterricht. fur die Jugend…

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Precious pedagogical album composed of 40 lithographs on double-page.
Album entirely enhanced with watercolor.

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Esslingen, I.F. Schreiber, 1835.

Small folio of (4) ll., 80 plates bound face-to-face, some stains and foxing, a tear restored without loss in the first plate.

Paper Bradel decorated with stencil, small round hole in the upper cover showing an old wood-engraved fleuron pasted on the flyleaf. Binding towards 1900.

304 x 194 mm.

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Precious pedagogical album composed of 40 lithographs on double-page entirely enhanced with watercolor and depicting kitchen utensils, music instruments, buildings and houses, some characters, various species (farm animals, birds, wild animals, etc.), flowers and plants,…

The plates are preceded with a handwritten title and tables listing the 40 double plates. They are all surmounted by a printed title.

The copies we could locate only contain 30 plates but not 40 like ours.

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Bilder zum Auschanungs Unterricht.


Esslingen, I.F. Schreiber, 1835.