SAINT-AUGUSTIN Les Confessions de St Augustin, Traduites en François par M. du Bois, de l’Académie Françoise.

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"The Confessions" of Saint Augustine from the presses of the Imprimerie Royale.

A superb copy on large Holland paper covered with contemporary binding in morocco with dentelle.

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Paris, de l’Imprimerie Royale, 1758.

3 volumes 12mo, full olive green morocco, rich gilt lace on covers, richly decorated flat spines, doublures and flyleaves in pink tabis, gilt edges. Contemporary binding.

166 x 93 mm.

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Beautiful edition from the presses of the royal printing house of the favourite translation of the Confessions of Saint Augustin.

“The Confessions had previously been translated by Arnauld d’Andilly but Dubois’ translation is preferred” (Brunet, I, 561).

“Written during one of the most dramatic periods in human history, the Confessions constitute the basis of all modern thought. It is a true epic of Christian conversion, summarised in the inner drama of a man, a drama in which all the passionate and theoretical elements of such an experience are expressed. In the literature of all times, there are few works which, like this one, show in their indissoluble unity the development of a speculative experience at the same time as that of a religious and human experience”. (T.F. Œuvres Complètes, Vivès, 1869-1878).

A superb copy, one of the few printed by the royal printing house on large Holland paper, each title bearing the engraved coat of arms of King Louis XV, covered with very elegant contemporary binding in olive green morocco with dentelle.


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Paris, de l’Imprimerie Royale, 1758.