CERVANTES Histoire de l’admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche.

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Complete works of Cervantes
« The author of ‘Hamlet’ and the author of ‘Don Quixote’ are the two greatest poets that were produced in the modern centuries. Cervantes, even more than the kind William, exercised on me an indefinable charm. I love him enough to make me cry. » Heine.

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CERVANTES. Histoire de l’admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche.
Amsterdam and Leipzig, Arkstée & Merkus, 1768.
6 volumes 12mo.
Nouvelles de Michel de Cervantès.
Amsterdam & Leipzig, Arkstée & Merkus, 1768.
2 volumes 12mo.

A total of 8 volumes 12mo [172 x 105 mm] of: I/ (6) ll., 370 pp., 1 engraved half-title and 6 figures; II/ (3) ll., 369 pp. and 3 figures; III/ (4) ll., 371 pp. and 10 figures; IV/ (4) ll., 453 pp. and 8 figures; V/ (4) ll., 420 pp. and 4 figures; VI/ (4) ll., 422 pp., (1) l. ; VII/ XLIV pp., 358 pp., 1 portrait and 6 figures; VIII/ (2) ll., 396 pp. and 7 figures.
Contemporary green full morocco, gilt border on covers, flat spines finely decorated, inner gilt border, gilt edges.

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Attractive edition of the complete works of Cervantes, translated into French by Filleau de Saint-Martin.
Picot, Livres du Baron de Rothschild, 1752; Cohen, Guide de l’amateur de livres à gravures, 217 and 221; Rahir, p. 360.

This edition of « Don Quichotte » is illustrated with 31 full-page engravings by Fokke and Folkema, an engraved half-title and 6 title vignettes.

The « Nouvelles » are illustrated with a portrait after Kent and with 13 engravings drawned and engraved by Folkéma.
This set of 44 engravings forms the most important and the most well-known work of the artist.

A precious copy contemporary bound in brilliant green morocco with particularly elegant spines.

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