MOLIERE Œuvres de Molière, avec des remarques grammaticales, des avertissemens et des observations sur chaque pièce. Par M. Bret.


Third edition of Moliere's "Works"

Molière’s Works illustrated by Moreau le Jeune, beautiful copy preserved in an elegant contemporary green morocco binding signed by Meslant, the Emperor’s binder.

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Paris, par la Compagnie des libraires associés, An 13 – 1804.

6 parts in six 8vo volumes [203 x 122 mm] of: I/ (2) ll., viii pp., 519 pp., 1 portrait and 4 plates out of pagination; II/ (2) ll., 576 pp., 6 plates out of pagination; III/ (2) ll., 557 pp., (1) bl.l., 6 plates out of pagination; IV/ (2) ll., 560 pp., 6 plates out of pagination; V/ (2) ll., 776 pp., 5 plates out of pagination; VI/ (2) ll., 704 pp., 6 plates out of pagination. A few foxing in the blank margins of the engravings. Bound in full straight-grained green morocco, large border decorated with vine on the covers, theatrical symbols in the corners, flat spine richly decorated in the panels, large gilt inner border, gilt edges, watered orangey doublures. Contemporary binding signed P. Meslant on the foot of the spines.

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Third edition of Moliere’s works given by Bret, containing the very beautiful series of figures by Moreau le Jeune.

Cohen, Guide de l’amateur des livres à gravures, col. 716 to 720 and Tchemerzine, IV, 828  (for the 1773 edition 1773).

Our edition contains a “Life of Molière” by Voltaire, which Bret completed with a “Supplement”. The other numerous remarks, notes as well as the introductions to the plays would not be by him, but written by an anonymous.

The edition is illustrated with a portrait picturing Molière after Mignard engraved by Cathelin, with 6 title fleurons and with 33 figures by Moreau engraved by Bagnon, Delaunay, Duclos, De Ghendt, Helman, Lebas, Legrand, Leveau, Masquelier, Née, Simonet and Moreau himself.” (Tchemerzine).

“The set of engravings by Moreau is one of the most estimated ones.” (Cohen)

A beautiful and precious copy of this sought-after edition of Moliere’s Works illustrated with engravings by Moreau le Jeune, preserved in an elegant contemporary straight-grained green morocco binding signed by Meslant, the Emperor’s binder, “a first class binder of wide range”. (Ramsden).

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