ANDRADE, Antonio Lettere annue del Tibet del 1626 e della Cina del 1624. Scritte al M.R. P. Mutio Vitelleschi Genarale della Compagnia di Giesu.

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Missions in China and in Tibet

First edition of the great rarity regarding the missions in China in 1624 and in Tibet in 1626.

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Roma, Francesco Corbelletti, 1628.

8vo [148 x 96 mm] of 130 pp. A few foxing, binding from the last century in full ivory vellum, red edges.

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First edition of the great rarity of these two relations of the years 1624 and 1626 regarding China and Tibet. Collation identical to Cordier, Bibliotheca Sinica, 815.

The letter from Tibet, pages 3 to 58 is by Father Andrada; it is dated August 15th 1626, in Caparangue (Tsaparang). The letter from China, pages 59 to 130, is by Father Venceslas Pantaleone; it is dated October 27th 1625 in Macao.

Contains letters from Antonio de Andrade, Aug. 15, 1626, and Kirwitzer in Macao, Oct. 27, 1625”. (Asia in the making of Europe, p. 1994).

Antoine de Andrade, was a Portuguese born towards 1580. He joined the Compagnia very young, and is distinguishable by his tireless zeal, in the Indian and Tartar missions. Geography owes him an important discovery: he entered Tibet in 1624. Back in Goa, his superiors employed him in various important matters. He died poisoned on Marche 16th 1634.” (Bibliothèque des écrivains de la Compagnie de Jésus, 1853, p. 16).

This “letter from Tibet” recounts Father Andrade’s second travel in Tibet, in 1625-1626. He started his trip to Agra in June 1625, and reached Tsaparang on August 28th of the same year.

This relation will be translated into French in 1629 under the title: Histoire de ce qui s’est passé au royaume du Tibet. Tirée des lettres escrites en l’année 1626. Adressée au R.P. Mutio Vitelleschi, General de la Compagnie de Jésus. Traduite d’italien en français par un Père de la mesme Compagnie, Paris, Sébastien Cramoisy, 1629, then in Flemish by F. Jacques Dyck.

Relations regarding Tibet are unobtainable; the ones regarding China during the first years of the 17th century are highly sought-after.

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ANDRADE, Antonio