BALZAC, Honoré de Le Lys dans la Vallée.

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Rare first edition of Balzac's "Le Lys dans la Vallée"

Precious copy with the yellow printed wrappers bound in, of the only great love novel by Balzac.

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2 parts in 2 volumes 8vo [223 x 145 mm] of: I/ (2) ll., LV and 325 pp., (1) l. of table; II/ (2) ll., 344 pp. including the table.
Blue three-quarter cloth, flat spines, red morocco lettering pieces, wrappers bound in, untrimmed. 19th century binding.

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Precious first edition of one of Balzac’s most sought-after works.
Carteret, I, 72; Clouzot, Guide du bibliophile, 14; Vicaire, Manuel de l’amateur de livres du XIXe siècle, 202-203.

Rare and very sought-after. Maybe even rarer in wrappers than in old bindings.” (Clouzot, 14)

In this great love novel, a bit special in Balzac’s work, the writer, by transposing in an idyll his love as pure as passionate for Laure de Berry, remembers memories of childhood and youth and becomes the moved poet embracing his native Touraine:

« Ne me demandez plus pourquoi j’aime la Touraine ; je ne l’aime ni comme on aime son berceau, ni comme on aime une oasis dans le désert, je l’aime comme un artiste aime l’art… sans la Touraine, peut-être ne vivrais-je plus ».

The first part of this first edition corresponds, with many variants, to the text which started to be published in “La Revue de Paris” from November 22 until December 27, 1835.

The novel is preceded by the important historical account of the trial caused by Le Lys dans la Valléewhich won’t be maintained in later editions.
Actually Balzac had entrusted la Revue de Paris with the pre-publication of his novel. When he learnt that Buloz, the director of this review, had sold without his knowledge to the Revue étrangère of St Petersburg proofs of Le Lys dans la Vallée, Balzac refused to give him the end of the novel. Furious, Buloz brought an action against the author. After five painful months, Balzac obtained satisfaction, and the novel was published at the beginning of June, preceded with this biting “historical account of the trial caused by ‘Le Lys dans la Vallée’ ”. The repercussions of this trial ensured an immediate success to the novel: 1800 out of the 2000 printed copies were sold the actual day of the release.

Precious copy of this very sought-after first edition, very wide-margined (height: 223 mm), bound at the end of the 19th century with the yellow printed wrappers bound in.

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