Marot, Jean. Le Recueil Iehan Marot de Caen, Poete & escrivain de la magnanime Royne Anne de Bretaigne, & de puys valet de chambre du Treschrestien Roy Françoys premier de ce nom.


Extremely rare edition of Jean Marot’s Recueil, the poet of Anne of Brittany and King François I.
Prestigious copy coming from the libraries of Charles Nodier, Robert Samuel Turner, Jean-Claude Delauney and E. Nourry.

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Paris, Anthoine Bonnemère, 1538.

Small 8vo [127 x 85 mm] of (43) ll. and 1 bl.l. Red morocco, triple gilt fillet around the covers with gilt fleurons in the corners, flat spine with gilt title lengthwise, small fleurons at the head and foot, inner gilt border, gilt edges. Koehler.

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Extremely rare edition of the works by Jean Marot (1463-1526).
Mayer, Clément Marot, 67 ; Tchemerzine, IV, 475 ; Picot (Rothschild), I, 604 ; Renouard, Inventaire, V, 983 ; Charles Nodier, Description raisonnée d’une jolie collection de livres, 1844, n° 362 : this copy.

The text, established by his son Clément in order to follow the 1536 edition of the Adolescence Clémentine, comprises fifty Rondeaux, the Doctrinal des Princesses & nobles dames, three Épîtres, two Chants royaux, the Réponse de France et des États aux écrivains séditieux and one Sizain by Clément Marot.

Jean Marot was successively secretary of Anne of Brittany and man-servant for François I. He was a renowned poet of his time and is related by his spirit and his technique to the school of the “grands rhétoriqueurs”.

Charles Nodier, the former owner of our copy, comments: “This work is composed with the second alphabet, because it was printed as a sequel to the Adolescence Clémentine from the sa me year, but it is usually separated from it.”
Tchemerzine, who rewrote the notice written by Picot for the Rothschild catalogue, underlines that the edition of the Adolescence clémentine in which this small collection was published ” remained unknown to all the bibliographers”.
As for Renouard, he only lists two copies of this Recueil of works by Jean Marot: one at the Chicago’s Newberry Library, the other one – Rothschild’s -, preserved at the French National Library ; but the latest is with no doubt the same as Rothschild’s Adolescence one, already mentioned by Renouard under the number 979.

Precious copy finely bound around 1840 by Koehler, one of Charles Nodier’s favorite binders.

Provenances : Charles Nodier (Description raisonnée d’une jolie collection de livres, 1844, n°362) ; Robert Samuel Turner and Jean-Claude Delauney, with ex-libris. Label from E. Nourry’s Library.

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Marot, Jean.