DEIDIER, l’Abbé. Eléments généraux des principales parties de mathématiques, nécessaires à l’artillerie et au génie. Nouvelle édition, Dirigée, rectifiée, présentée avec plus d’ordre & de goût ; &, en plusieurs articles, réformée ou perfectionnée, par l’Auteur de la Théorie des Etres sensibles.

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Abbé Deidier’s Treatise on Mathematics for the Military.
The present copy also included the Traité de perspective printed aside with Cochin’s notes.

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A Paris, chez Charles-Antoine Jombert, Père, Libraire du Roi pour l’artillerie et le génie, 1773.

– [Followed by] : Deidier, l’Abbé. Traité de perspective théorique et pratique. Nouvelle édition corrigée & augmentée de notes par un artiste célèbre.

Paris, rue Dauphine, chez Charles-Antoine Jombert, père, Libraire du Génie & de l’Artillerie, 1770.

Thus 3 parts bound in 2 volumes 4to [250 x 180 mm] of: I/ xxviii pp., 472 pp., 19 folding plates; II/ (2) ll., 410 pp., 28 folding plates, (1) l., iv pp., 124 pp., 15 folding plates.

Full marbled calf, arms gilt-stamped in the center of the covers with the mention  REG. DU MAINE / INFANTERIE. in gold letters, decorated ribbed spines, red morocco lettering pieces, red edges. Contemporary binding.

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Second original edition, corrected and widely enlarged, of this treatise on Mathematics for the Military.

The present copy also contains the Traité de perspective printed separately with notes by Cochin.

“Abbot Deidier (Marseille 1698-Paris 1746), an 18th century mathematician, educated Louis-Ferdinand-Joseph de Croy, Duke of Havré, and was rewarded for his care with the prince’s benefits such as he was able to devote himself entirely to his taste for mathematics. In 1739 he published his “Arithmétique des géomètres”, or “Nouveaux éléments de mathématiques”; and “Science des géomètres”, or “Théorie et la pratique de la géométrie”, 2 vols. 4to forming a complete course of elementary mathematics. This work is esteemed by the clarity and precision, the order and abundance of material. In 1740 he published the ” Mesure des surfaces et des solides, par l’arithmétique des infinis et les centres de gravité “, 4to…. “la Connaissance des calculs modernes” published at the same time as the previous one, under the title of “Calcul différentiel et calcul intégral, expliqués et appliqués à la géométrie”. Finally, to form a complete course in mathematics, he gave his “Mécanique générale, pour servir d’introduction aux sciences physico-mathématiques”, Paris, 1741, 4to. So many works, published within two years, secured him the position of professor of mathematics at the artillery school of La Fère. As soon as he started to teach, the desire to write again caused him to resume the first two volumes of his course to recover them and form a “Nouveau Traité élémentaire” for the military. Attached was a Cours de perspective’, and in 1745 were published 2 vol. 4to under the title of “Elemens généraux des principales parties des mathématiques, nécessaires à l’artillerie et au génie”. In 1773 a new edition of this work was published, directed, corrected, presented with more order and taste, and in several articles, reformed or improved by the author of the theory of sensitive beings (Para du Phanjas). The editor deleted the “Traité de perspective” unnecessary to the military, and printed it separately, with notes by Cochin…

Father Deidier rendered great service to education by his writings and by his zeal to fulfill the duties of his office. “. (Michaud, Biographie universelle, X).

“In the 18th century, the birth of schools for the scientific and technical training of fortification engineers and artillerymen, created a potential market for works accompanying and supplementing this training. For this market to materialize, we must publish books adapted to the needs of these “young soldiers” but also convince them of the usefulness of their reading. It is the editorial work of the Jombert who specialize in technical works “pour l’Artillerie et le Génie”. Relying on a group of competent authors, they develop an announcement discourse around the figure of the accomplished officer, a man of study as much as of the field; they underline the scientific quality of the books as much as their practical utility, their ease of assimilation for readers not familiar with the study and their affordable cost. If this promotional speech embellishes reality a little, they also work on the material form of the works and their introductory texts to better match them to this ideal.”

Author of several other books on mathematics, Deidier was appointed around 1741 professor of mathematics at the artillery school of La Fère, where he succeeded Bernard Forest de Bélidor and published his course in 1745. A second edition of this course will be published in 1773 by François Para Du Phanjas.

“After having made his first studies in the college of the Oratory, the Abbot Deidier, French mathematician (1696/1746), studied theology with the Jesuits and was ordained priest. Responsible for teaching philosophy at the Aix seminary, he was especially concerned with mathematics. His numerous works ensure him a distinguished place among the mathematicians of his time”. (Hoefer).

The illustration consists of 62 engraved folding plates, 47 for the Elémens and 15 for the Traité de perspective.

Precious copy preserved in its contemporary binding with the arms of Louis XV with the mention REG. DU MAINE / INFANTERIE. in gold letters.

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DEIDIER, l’Abbé.