PIRANESI / PIRANESE Diverse maniere d’adornare i cammini… / Divers manners of ornamenting chimneys…/ Différentes manières d’orner les cheminées.


Large collection of ornaments by the "Rembrandt of the architecture"

An engraved masterpiece by Piranesi.

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Rome, 1769.

Folio [524 x 400 mm] of (1) l. of title, 1 engraved title on double-page, (1) l. of dedication, pp. 1 to 30, (1) l. of index, pp. 31 to 35, (1) p., (1) l. of notice, 70 plates. Text in Italian, English and French. Bound in contemporary green half-morocco, flat spine decorated with gilt filets.

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First edition, first issue of this wonderful collection of ornaments drawn and engraved by Piranesi. Guilmard, Les maîtres ornemanistes, École italienne, n°31; Brunet, IV, 672; Cohen, Guide de l’amateur de livres à gravures, 804; Berlin Katalog, n°3820; Hind 86.

Illustrated with a splendid title entirely engraved on double-page, this suite is composed of 70 beautiful large plates (400 x 250 mm).

They show the creative spirit and the power of the line of the « Rembrandt of the architecture », passionate about antiquity and decorator of genius.

Passionate archaeologist, architect, painter, engraver, engraver of ornaments, Piranesi excels in these plates in adapting his wonderful knowledge of the antique world to elements of interior decoration, with an unequalled freedom of expression.

The artist depicts 62 very surprising chimney models, including 46 on full-page, inspired by the Egyptian world as well as Greece or Roma.

This same trend is visible in the 16 large engravings in which Piranesi produces without any difficulty and with a great skill and a great elegance patterns in the antique style in order to create furniture and innovative decorative objects: commodes, clocks, consoles, seats, candelabra, sedan chairs, vases…

This suite of engravings of ornaments by Piranesi is very rare and difficult to find complete. Moreover bibliographers are not unanimous as for its description. This contemporary bound collection seems more complete than most of them. It corresponds to the collation given as complete by Cohen for a suite of 70 plates. Brunet indicates a maximum of 69 pieces for this collection.

A very wide-margined copy composed of wonderful proofs of a very rare suite of ornamentation by one of the greatest artists from the 18th century.

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