[COMPAGNIES DES INDES ORIENTALES] Déclarations du Roy, L’une, Portant establissement d’une Compagnie pour le Commerce des Indes Orientales. L’autre en faveur des Officiers de son Conseil & Cours Souveraines interessées en ladite Compagnie, & en celle des Indes Occidentales. Registrées en la Cour des Monnoyes le 27 janvier 1665.


The charter creating “East India Company”
The charter officialising the creation of the “East India Company” on Colbert’s initiative. Paris, 1665.

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Paris, chez Sebastien Cramoisy, et Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy, 1665.

4to [214 x 164 mm], 32 pp. Cased boards.

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A precious document officialising the creation of the “East India Company” (Compagnie des Indes Orientales), on Colbert’s initiative.

This Company had three main objectives: the trade and the struggle against English and Dutch products, the policy, by asserting French naval supremacy, and the culture and the religion, by spreading French civilization.

Pages 26-29 of the document deal with the “West Indies Company” and with the French presence in America.

A precious copy of one of the main deeds in the commercial and economic history of our country.

It bears handwritten corrections in Herardin’s hand, the king’s adviser and chief clerk of the Royal Mint. Herardin also signed this document and added the indication: « Collationné aux originaux par Moy Conseiller du Roy et greffié en chef à la Cour des Monnoyes. Herardin ».

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