The centennial of the cubist movement

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Meanwhile the Museum of La Poste pays tribute to the cubist movement creating the exhibition “Cubism and after”, we want to participate to this artistic centennial by presenting one of the key publications of the movement. We are talking about a work by A. Gleizes and J. Metzinger, two pillars of the cubist family, entitled “Du Cubism”, in first illustrated edition, in a sumptuous inlaid binding signed by Pierre-Lucien Martin.

Beautiful inlaid binding by Pierre-Lucien Martin with cubist designs,
which was shown during the exhibition of his finest creations in Brussels in 1987.

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GLEIZES, Albert / METZINGER, Jean. Du cubisme. Original engravings by Marcel Duchamp, Albert Gleizes, M. Laurencin, J. Metzinger, F. Picabia, Picasso, Jacques Villon, G. Braque, André Derain, Juan Gris, Fernand Léger.

Paris, Compagnie française des arts graphiques, 1947.

4to [255 x 200 mm.] of (2) bl. pp., 74 pp., (1) p., pp. 75 to 79, (1) p. with the list of plates, (2) bl. ll.; with 10 full-page plates in the text and 1 plate out of pagination between pp.78 and 79 reproducing a creation of each artist.

Bound in black half-morocco, covers decorated with a composition in perspective evoking cubes, inlays of glossy or mat paper in shades of light blue, dark blue, white, gray, ocher, red, brown, light green, dark green and bottle-green, doublures and endpapers made of black mat paper, top edge gilt, untrimmed, printed wrappers and spine bound in. Case. Binding by Pierre Lucien Martin, 1973.

Second enlarged edition, the first to be illustrated with original prints of this treaty dedicated to cubism.

Edition limited to 455 copies.

The original edition of this pioneering essay on cubism, made by two of its representatives, Gleizes and Metzinger, was published for the first time in August 1912, before the studies of Salmon and Apollinaire. It contained at this point only reproductions.

This is the first theoretical work on this artistic movement.

This new edition of 1947, in addition to presenting this manifesto, is the opportunity for both artists to take a look at the evolution of the artistic movement 33 years later and also to come back to some events, such as the retrospective exhibition on Cubism at the Galerie de France in Paris.

One of 399 numbered copies on papier pur fil Lana (n°68).

This treaty includes 11 illustrations by the following artists – including the three founding members of Cubism – Picasso, Braque, Juan Gris, Derain, Metzinger, Marie Laurencin, Gleizes, Fernand Leger, Francis Picabia, Marcel Duchamp and Jacques Villon. There are precisely 4 prints, 4 dry-points, 2 aquatints, and 1 etching.

A superb copy, untrimmed, bound in a superb inlaid binding by Pierre-Lucien Martin with Cubist designs, with the printed wrappers bound in.

This copy was presented at the exhibition Pierre-Lucien Martin (Brussels, Bibliotheca Wittockiana, 1987, n° 132).

Provenance : ex libris P. L. Martin.


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