FLAUBERT, Gustave L’Education sentimentale. Histoire d’un jeune homme.


"L'Education sentimentale" by Flaubert on large paper

The first edition on large-paper of L’Education sentimentale.

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Paris, Michel Lévy, 1870.

2 volumes large 8vo [245 x 153 mm] of: I/ (2) ll., 427 pp.; II/ (2) ll., 331 pp. Bound in burgundy quarter-morocco, spine ribbed and decorated with gilt fleurons, untrimmed, top edge gilt. Case. Contemporary binding.

First edition.

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Precious copy, one of 25 on Dutch Paper, only large-paper, one of very few preserved in its superb contemporary bindings.

“25 copies on Dutch paper were printed, which are rare; special wrappers have not been printed.” Carteret. Le Trésor du Bibliophile romantique, 268.

“25 copies on Dutch paper, very sought-after, rare in contemporary bindings of quality. “ Clouzot. Guide du Bibliophile, 121.

Story of a young man, started at the end of 1863 and written from September 1864 to May 1869, “L’Education sentimentale” was published in November 1869. Even though it is full of autobiographical details, the work has nothing in common with the youth novel written under this title in 1845. The enchantress presence of Madame Arnoux who is predominant in the entire work as Madame Schlesinger was in Flaubert’s thoughts, makes most certainly this novel an indisputable testimony on the writer’s sentimental life, with the interferences and the cross reference between dream and reality that this work is the bitter and burning fruit of. Woven with real and imaginary “The Education” is also the moral story of men who lived under the July Monarchy, and the evocation of all the Parisian life of the fifth decade of the XIXth century, this political and social ferment that led to the Revolution of 1848 and the coup d’état. “How no tot recognize today in this archetypal Flaubert-type book and this Goethe-like work by its scope, one of the major books of modern literature, which has seen, afterwards, so many copies of this melancholic hero. Some pages as the ones describing the encounter of the two lovers, at the end of the novel, are among the purest and most lyric of all Flaubert work.

A superb copy, very wide-margined, with untrimmed edges, in its elegant contemporary binding.

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