CAUSE, Hendrick. De Koninglycke hovener aanwyzende De Middelen om Boomen, Bloemen en Kruyden, te Zaayen, planten, aen, queeken en voort teelen.

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Flowers, fruit and gardens from the Dutch golden age. Stunning first issue of 55 prints.

 In an attractive contemporary Dutch binding with a crowned cipher.

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Amsterdam, Marcus Doornick, 1676.

[Bound with:] Commelyn, Johannes. Nederlantze hesperides, Dat is, Oeffening en Gebruik van de Limoen en Oranje-Boomen Geftelt na den Aardt, en Climaat der Nederlanden.

Amsterdam, Marcus Doornick, 1676.

2 works in 1 folio volume [358 x 215 mm] of: I/ 1 frontispiece, (4) ll., 144 pp. (1) l., pp. 145 to 224, 31 plates out of pagination; II/ 1 frontispiece, (2) ll., 47 pp., (2) pp., 26 plates out of pagination. Mottled fawn calf, double frame of gilt fillet, large blind-stamped crowned cipher on the covers, spine ribbed and decorated with gilt fleurons, red morocco lettering piece, sprinkle edges. Contemporary Dutch binding.

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Collection of the first editions of these two works illustrating the Dutch flora and gardens from the 17th century.

– First edition of the most attractive Dutch work from the 17th century dedicated to gardens.

This collection illustrated with art by Hendrick Cause (1648-1699) is dedicated to William of Orange (future English king).

It consists of 31 full-page prints of which delicacy evokes De Pass’s mastery. Two prints represent the royal garden of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and the one of the Prince of Orange in Soestdijk.

13 engravings are dedicated to fruit and flowers: roses, poppies, iris, hyacinths, narcissus, hellebores, martagons, carnations, peonies, fritillaries, anemones, nigellas, aquilleias, cyclamens, tulips …, inhabited with insects and butterflies.

16 full-page engravings present the plans made of 32 gardens.

Nissen; Benezit, II, 601; Hunt, 344.

– First edition of Johannes Commelin’s (1629-1692) work dedicated to lemon trees, orange trees and to winter and summer gardens of citrus fruit in the Netherlands.

It contains 26 full-page prints of citrus fruit and orange groves, copper engraved after C. Kick’s drawings.

This illustrated work consists of an important document for the history of greenhouse plants of citrus fruits in the north of Europe in the 17th century.

Nissen, 390; Hunt, 345.

Very large paper set presenting 2 Dutch botanical works preserved in their attractive contemporary binding decorated with a crowned cipher.

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CAUSE, Hendrick.


Amsterdam, Marcus Doornick, 1676.