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The Works of Cicero bound in the 16th century for the Giustiniani family of Genoa.
A splendid copy in attractive contemporary condition.

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Lyon, Sébastien Gryphe, 1555; Antoine Gryphe, 1574, 1585, 1586; Guillaume Rouillé, 1589-1591.

Set of 9 volumes 8vo, red morocco, covers decorated with gilt fillets and blind-stamped fillets, gilt fleurons in the corners, gilt arms in the center of the upper covers, different arms in the center of the lower covers, spines decorated with coats of arms pieces, gilt edges. Contemporary binding.

157 x 101 mm.

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An exceptional copy printed on fine paper by the famous 16th century presses of Lyon in elegant late 16th century red morocco uniform bindings bearing the arms of the illustrious Giustiniani family of Genoa and Rome.

Antoine Gryphe, son of Sebastian, continued the father’s printing business honourably in 1558 under the name of Les Héritiers de Sébastien Gryphe.

These works include Epistolae Ad Atticum (1555, 1 volume), De Philosophia (1574, 2 volumes), Orationum (1586, 3 volumes), Rhetorica (1585, 1 volume), Epistolae Familiares (1589, 1 volume), De Officiis (1591, 1 volume).

Baudrier, Bibliographie lyonnaise, 364, 391, 397.

A splendid copy in attractive contemporary condition.

The Giustiniani family is a patrician family of Italy which, through its various branches, became famous in Venice, where it seems to have originated, then in Genoa, Naples, Corsica and even Greece.

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