Amoris divini et humani effectus varii Sacrae Scripturae Sanctorumque PP. sententiis ac Gallicis versibus illustrati.

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Emblems illustrating Love

48 copper-engravings of great delicacy illustrating the emblems on the theme of Love. Saint-Senoch’s copy.

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Antwerp, Michael Snyders, 1626.

Small 8vo [139 x 87 mm] of (40) ll. of which one engraved title, A-E8, 39 engraved plates out of pagination, 9 additional plates. Bound in blue morocco, triple gilt fillet on the covers, large gilt emblem on the center, spine ribbed and decorated with burning hearts crossed by arrows, large gilt inner border, gilt edges. Book case. Binding signed by Lortic.

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First issue of the refined suite of emblematic engravings drawn by G. V. Schoor and engraved by Michael Snyders. Landwehr, Emblem and Fable books printed in The low countries, 33; Brunet, I, 240.

Decorated on the title leaf with a very elegant frame of emblems and music instruments, the work is composed of 39 emblems illustrating the theme of love: « Fièvre d’amour. Instance d’amour. Escrime d’amour. Triomphe d’amour. Superbe de l’amour mondain. Chasse d’amour. Biscuit d’amour. Bain d’amour. Jeu d’amour, etc. »

Each of these full page emblems (blank verso) is in inserted between a page of Latin quotes and a page of a French hexastich: « Arreste un peu m’Amour, car si je dois survivre, Il me faut l’un des deux, t’arrester ou te suivre, Car ie ne voudrois pas, pouvoir vivre sans toy : que si par mon malheur iamais il ne merite, d’empescher ton depart, ou d’arrester ta suitte, Vienne la douce mort, car il est fait de moy. »

All of these copper-engravings, of a very fine and delicate drawing illustrate in an emblematic manner the good fortune and misfortune of Love. Placed in a gilt frame, they come with a Latin caption and a French distich.

This complete copy has the particularity of enclosing afterwards 9 additional plates as well engraved by Snyders after Schoor’s drawings, with captions and in the same gilt frame.

A very beautiful copy of this precious collection of emblem, very refined.

From Saint-Senoch’s collection.

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