MENDEZ PINTO, Ferdinand. Les Voyages advantureux de Fernand Mendez Pinto. Fidelement traduicts de Portugais en François par le Sieur Bernard Figuier, gentilhomme Portugais. Et dediez à Monseigneur le cardinal de Richelieu.


"Very rare first edition of the French translation" (Chadenat) of this travel account in China, India, Japan, Siam, dedicated to the Cardinal de Richelieu.
Precious copy of this rare work, preserved in its contemporary binding.

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Paris, Mathurin Henault, 1628.

4to [213 x 154 mm] of (8) ll., 1193 pp., (14) pp. of tables, quire Z bound after quire Aa, quire GGgg bound after quire HHhh, some foxing, some marginal tears with loss of some letters on pp. 911 and 1003, short margined at head touching the running title on last 3 ll. of table. Brown calf, spine ribbed and decorated, mottled edges. Contemporary binding.

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“First edition, very rare, of the French translation” (Chadenat) of this travel account in China, India, Japan, Siam.

Chadenat, 1186 ; Boucher de la Richarderie, IV, 371-372 ; Cordier, BJ, 37 ; Cordier, BI, 111 ; Cordier, BS, 2067.

We owe this first French translation to a Portuguese gentleman called Bernardo Figueroa, who dedicated it to the cardinal de Richelieu.

“Sought-after and uncommon volume: 10 to 15 fr., and up to 21 fr. Langlès.” (Brunet, IV, 670).

In 1537, the Portuguese traveler Mendez Pinto (1509-1583) embarked for the East Indies on the ship commanded by Vasco de Gama’s son, and his journey lasted 21 years (China, Tartary, Sumatra, Java). When he arrived in the East Indies, he was sent to fight the Turks at the entrance to the Red Sea, fell into their hands and became their slave. He then managed to return to Goa and entered the service of Pedro de Faria, Captain General of Malacca, who entrusted him with various missions in the countries neighbouring the Portuguese possessions. For twenty years, Mendez Pinto led a most adventurous life. He traded, fought against Chinese corsairs, went to Pegu where he witnessed great revolutions and even became a pirate in the seas of China and Japan.

Mendez Pinto relates his travel to the Portuguese empire of the East Indies during its golden age, and especially in China, India, Siam and Japan.

Written on his return, it was not published before 1614 in Lisbon, before being translated into several European languages.

Precious copy of this rare work, preserved in its contemporary binding.

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MENDEZ PINTO, Ferdinand.