DESMOULINS, Camille. Le Vieux Cordelier, Journal rédigé par Camille Desmoulins ; Député à la Convention et Doyen des Jacobins.


Complete first edition of the Vieux Cordelier, “the most eloquent work produced by the Revolution.” (Eugène Maron).

Superb copy, preserved as published in the original wrappers.

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Paris, P. Desenne, 1793-1794.

[Followed by:] Copie de la lettre écrite par Camille Desmoulins, à sa femme, datée de la Prison du Luxembourg.

8vo [214 x 135 mm] of 7 issues, 94 pp. numbered 172 ; sewn as published, untrimmed. Red half-morocco folder-case.

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Complete first edition of the “Vieux Cordelier” preserved as published in wrappers, of one of the most famous revolutionary papers, Camille Desmoulins’ most remarkable work.

Hatin, 147 ; Tourneux ii, 10916 ; Martin et Walter, Journaux, 1402.

“The Vieux Cordelier, which led Camille Demoulins to the Guillotine, says Mr Eugène Maron, might be the most eloquent work the Revolution has ever produced and, most certainly, neither before nor after has journalism produced anything that could hold the comparison.”

This paper, whose motto was “live free or die”, only had 7 issues and one addendum called “copy of the letter addressed from Desmoulins to his wife” dated from the prison of Luxemburg. It was published from Frimaire 5th (November 25th 1793) to Pluviôse 5th of the year II (January 24th 1794), twice per Decade. This papered is considered one of the most powerful and eloquent productions of the Revolution. The opinions of Camille Desmoulins, notably his wish to see La Terreur come to an end, got him to the scaffold”

In the third issue, considered a masterpiece, Camille wants to undermine terrorism. Camille had never risen at this level of conception.

Superb copy, in original wrappers, as new, preserved as published.

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