PASTERNAK Kogda Razguliaetsia (= Quand il fera beau / When the weather clears).


Precious collection of poems by Pasternak including "The Nobel Prize"

Very rare first edition of the last collection of poems by the Russian novelist Boris Pasternak, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1958 and author of the Doctor Zhivago. Paris, 1959.

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PASTERNAK, Boris Leonidovitch. Kogda Razguliaetsia (= When the weather clears). Paris, Edition des amateurs de la poésie de Pasternak, 1959.

8vo [206 x 141 mm] of 49 pp., (3) pp. and 1 loose leaf. Handwritten corrections on pp. 13, 15, 35 and 42. Preserved in original wrappers, as published, with the printed cover. Contemporary binding.

Rare first edition of Pasternak’s poetical masterpiece, printed in Paris in only 100 copies, and not intended for sale. It is Pasternak’s most sought-after work.

When the weather clears is Pasternak’s (1890-1960) most accomplished poetical collection. This collection of thirty poems resumes the author’s favourite themes: nature, the poet and his poetry, praise of womankind, his friends’ fate and his relation with God. The work starts with a quote from Proust: « Un livre est un grand cimetière où sur la plupart des tombes on ne peut plus lire les noms effacés. »

Doctor Zhivago was published in November 1957, in Italy. He was awarded by the Nobel Prize committee for this work in 1958, but he was forced to decline the Prize in order to protect his circle and himself. Actually, Russian authorities considered that this reward proved that the poet and writer was “a capitalist, anticommunist and unpatriotic agent of the West”. It is in this collection that pasternak includes the poem Nobelevskaia premiia (= The Nobel Prize), which describes his feelings following this event.

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This collection published in Paris by the Editions des amateurs de la poésie de Pasternak was printed in only 100 copies because it was not intended for sale. Printed under the supervision of Viktor Frank, the son of the philosopher Semen Frank, the present work was published during the author’s lifetime. It is after his death that the bookseller A. Savin who had good many of the copies, sold them to an American University, which in its turn sold them to other American Universities. The marked price of the bookseller at that time was approximately 4 000 francs (in 1975).

A complete copy must contain the poem printed on a loose leaf Nobelevskaia premiia (The Nobel Prize).

We couldn’t locate any copy of this rare first edition in French public Institutions.

A precious copy of this rare first edition of a major poetic work by the Russian writer Boris Pasternak, preserved in its original wrappers and complete with the essential loose leaf with the poem The Nobel Prize.

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