KOSTER, Henri. Voyages dans la partie septentrionale du Brésil, depuis 1809 jusqu’en 1815, Comprenant les provinces de Pernambuco (Fernambouc), Seara, Paraïba, Maragnan, etc. Traduits de l’anglais par M. A. Jay. Ornés de huit planches coloriées et de deux cartes.


Voyages au Brésil by Koster
Rare first French edition of this « very sought-after work » about Brazil (Chadenat), illustrated with 8 beautiful contemporary hand-coloured engravings

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Paris, Delaunay, 1818.

2 parts in 2 volumes 8vo [200 x 120 mm] of: I/ (2) ll., xlix pp., (3) pp., 376 pp., 6 coloured plates out of pagination and 2 folding maps; II/ (2) ll., 512 pp., 2 plates in colour out of pagination. Some light spotting. Bound in contemporary full roan in a design resembling tree roots, Greek style gilt border on covers, flat spines decorated with gilt designs representing sail-boats, mottled edges. Contemporary binding.

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Rare first French edition of this « very sought-after work » (Chadenat) about Brazil. Sabin 38273; Abbey, Travel 704; Borba de Moraes p. 438; Chadenat 611; Brunet, III, 692.

Henri Koster (1793-1820) embarked for Brazil because of health reasons in November 1809. After he spent several months in Pernambuco, he went on excursions inland and visited Goiana, Paraíba and Seara in 1810.

His account is one of the best ever published until then about Brazil because he travelled in the less busy provinces, therefore he brought many new information.

Koster was almost naturalized in this country and ended speaking Portuguese more easily than English; that is why he was able to make precious observations.

Everything concerning the manners of the natives is instructive and piquant.

Besides we shall note that Jay’s translation gathers accuracy to elegance.

« His travel is still used as a guide for everything concerning this rich province ». (F. Denis, Nouveau Manuel de bibliographie universelle, 92).

The present work is illustrated with 2 folding maps and with « 8 beautiful engravings finely [contemporary hand-]coloured » (Chadenat), after the author’s compositions.

Those beautiful plates represent costumes, genre paintings, views: Voiturier de Coton, Espèce de Radeau nommé Jangada, Passage d’une rivière, Sertanejo, Canot pêcheur, Dame du Brésil en visite, Moulin à sucre, …

The figures have been drawn by one of Koster’s relatives, after the author’s sketches. The map has been sketched after Arrowsmith’s large map of Southern America, and then corrected by the traveller.

« Copies with coloured plates are rare » (Borba de Moraes) A beautiful copy of this travel account to Brazil, preserved in its fine contemporary bindings with flat spines decorated with gilt designs representing sail-boats. Only 2 copies in contemporary binding are recorded by ABPC since 1975.

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KOSTER, Henri.