VERLAINE, Paul Parallèlement.

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First edition of "Parallèlement" by Verlaine, precious copy preserved in wrappers, complete with "Chasteté".

First edition, printed in 500 copies, of the “last important work of the ‘poor Lelian’”.

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Paris, Léon Vanier, 1889.

8vo [187 x 122 mm] of (2) bl.ll., (3) ll., 116 pp., (1)bl.l. A quire including the collection of verses “Chasteté” is loosely inserted, copy enriched with an autograph note signed by Paul Verlaine in pencil.

Preserved in the original printed light beige wrappers, untrimmed. Slipcase in half-morocco signed Pierre-Lucien Martin.

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First edition, printed in 500 copies, of the “last important work of the ‘poor Lelian’”.

“Some copies contain an additional part: ‘Chasteté’, which gives them a strong added value”. (Clouzot, p. 267).

“Some copies contain, loosely inserted, a poetry, ‘Chasteté’ (2 ll.), offered to the readers; it was to be published, without title, in ‘Bonheur’”. (Carteret, II, 425).

Complete copy with the part Chasteté inserted by Léon Vanier, which will be published in Bonheur.

Paul Verlaine’s poetic collection (1844-1896). Published in 1889, it is the last important work of poor Lélian’. It is composed of parts written at various times. Some early poems, others written at the Mons’ prison and taken from the unpublished manuscript ‘Cellulairement’, finally compositions inspired by sentimental and sexual episodes, normal or not (1885-1888). If eroticism seems to be the link that presided over the composition of ‘Parallèlement’ and avoids it – not entirely successfully – a chaotic look, we can wonder about the intention that the author had exhuming and sticking end to end pieces already twenty years old which appeared in various journals or remained in the state of manuscript. In his own words, ‘he pretends to communicate with the devil’; he wants to give ‘a collection in verse of the most sincere, but very daring sensations’. […] We can see in it an entire work dominated by sensuality, ‘parallel’ to the mysticism of ‘Sagesse’ and ‘Amour’, or an evocation of the ‘parallel’ loves of the poet, a manifestation of his two inspirations, Arthur the infernal companion, Mathilde the legitimate wife. Dating from very different periods of Verlaine’s life, these poems give a general look of his poetic talent. The influence of Baudelaire is emerging, just as elsewhere that of slang and familiar style. (Dictionnaire des Œuvres, V, 123).

Very beautiful copy preserved in wrappers, complete with the part Chasteté.

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