BERNARDIN DE SAINT-PIERRE. Paul et Virginie et la Chaumière indienne.


Paul et Virginie in a splendid binding "in the Indian manner"
One of the most beautiful productions of the Romantic period, the abundantly illustrated edition of Paul et Virginie edited by Curmer, a superb copy preserved in a splendid aubergine morocco binding with a large gilt-stamped panel “in the Indian manner” attributable to Simier.

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Paris, L. Curmer, 49 rue Richelieu, 1838.

Large 8vo of lvi pp., 315 pp., 1 frontispiece, 2 portraits, 1 map and 30 plates for Paul et Virginie ; La Chaumière indienne occupies pp. 317 to 418 with 4 plates (leaf 417-418 has been bound twice); la Flore de Paul et Virginie occupies pp. 419 to 458; (14) pp.
Bound in aubergine full morocco, flat spine and covers richly decorated with large gilt-stamped panels in Oriental style, gilt inner border, gilt edges, white watered paper endleaves. Slip case. Contemporary binding attributed to Simier.

252 x 190 mm.

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Famous edition of “Paul et Virginie”, considered as one of the most beautiful productions of the Romantic period.
Carteret, III, 532; Vicaire, VII, 42-48.

Two texts follow Paul et Virginie : La Chaumière indienne and the Flore de Paul et Virginie.

The abundant illustration is composed of about 450 vignettes in the text, drawn by Meissonier, Français, Tony Johannot, Isabey, Paul Huet, Marville, Steinheil, … wood engraved by Lavoignat, Brévière, Porret, … 29 plates out of pagination drawn and wood engraved by the same artists, 7 copper engraved portraits by Cousin, Pelée, Pigeot and Revel and of a coloured map of the Ile de France.
Our copy contains the portrait of the author in 2 states, with the sphere and with the letter.
Each of the 29 plates out of pagination is protected with a tissue paper bearing a printed caption.

« The editor wanted ‘Paul et Virginie’ to be properly bound by binders of his choice, ̒very careful bindings, similar to the work, of a moderate price, bindings in roan, sheep, calf, morocco, shagreen, Russian leather, vellum, silk, moiré, velvet, etc.; half-bindings and card-boards, therefore bindings at all prices, but we chose a wonderful and very special binding. M. Simier, the king’s binder, is in charge of this work.
But sadly almost all these contemporary bound copies are very spotted, especially the engravings out of pagination, and these waterstains are the reason why amateurs, justifiably, prefer to form a fine copy in a modern binding ». (Carteret)

A very fine copy exceptionally fresh, without any foxing, in a wonderful aubergine morocco binding with large gilt-stamped panels “in the Indian style” attributable to Simier.

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